Astrophotography by David Gares
NGC 4565 Spiral Galaxy


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NGC 4565 (Click to enlarge)

Object Details:
Object Type:  Spiral Galaxy (edge-on)
Constellation:  Coma Berenices
Distance:  31 million light-years
Diameter:  Over 100,000 light-years

NGC 4565 "Bernice's Hair Clip"
This galaxy was missed by Charles Messier when he cataloged the heavens in search of cometlike bodies.  Also known as Bernice's Hair Clip or the Needle Galaxy, NGC 4565 resembles what our own Milky Way galaxy would look like when viewed edge-on.  This galaxy is bright enough to be imaged under poor conditions like mine with a broadband nebula filter.

Image Details:
Film Roll
Date:  April 17, 2004
Site:  Harahan, LA
Exposure:  CCD, 10 x 5 min., f/3.3 reducer
Filters:  Orion Skyglow (Broadband LPR)
Processing:  MSB Astroart 3.0
Telescope:  10" f/10 Meade LX200 SCT
Mount:  Milburn Wedge
CCD:  Starlight Express MX7C (Color)
Autoguider:  S.T.A.R. 2000