Astrophotography by David Gares
M16 Eagle Nebula


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M16 Eagle Nebula (Click to enlarge)

Object Details:
Object Type:  Emission nebula, open cluster
Constellation:  Serpens
Distance:  7000 light-years
Size:  55 x 70 light-years

M16 Eagle Nebula
M16, the Eagle Nebula, is a young star cluster surrounded by gas and dust pillars.  The gas is ionized by ultraviolet light from the massive young stars, and the gas/dust pillars absorb some of the light.  This nebula yields spectacular photos, but this one is underexposed (the clouds came out).  I'm anxious to capture some more images of it in the coming weeks.  The pillars have been named Pillars of Creation as seen by the Hubble telescope.

Image Details:
Film Roll
Date:  May 23, 2004
Site:  Harahan, LA
Exposure:  CCD, 10 x 5 min., f/3.3 reducer
Filters:  Orion Skyglow (Broadband LPR)
Processing:  MSB Astroart 3.0
Telescope:  10" f/10 Meade LX200 SCT
Mount:  Milburn Wedge
CCD:  Starlight Express MX7C (Color)
Autoguider:  S.T.A.R. 2000