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Veil Nebula NGC 6960

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The east and west veil nebulae are remnants of a supernova explosion that occurred long ago, perhaps 10,000 years or more according to some sources.  The photo below is of the western veil, sometimes called the Witch's Broom nebula but officially known as NGC 6960.  The portion shown has been called the Basket Weave Nebula.  It's a small piece of a faint object three times the apparent size of the full moon.  It's very difficult to capture something so faint in the city, but I tried nevertheless.

 Western Veil Nebula NGC 6960
 (Click image to enlarge)


 Object Details:  
 Type:  Supernova Remnant
 Constellation:  Cygnus
 Distance:  1400 light-years
 Appx. Size:  30 light-years long

 Image Details:
 Date:  Aug. 14, 2004
 Site:  Harahan, LA
 Exposure:  CCD, 10 x 5 min.
 Filters:  Orion SkyGlow LPR
 Processing:  MSB Astroart 3.0
 Telescope:  10" Meade LX200
 Reducer:  Meade f/4.3
 CCD:  Starlight Express MX7C
 Autoguider:  S.T.A.R. 2000