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Galaxy NGC 7331

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NGC 7331 is sometimes called the "Little Andromeda Galaxy" because of its appearance.  But actually it resembles our own Milky Way Galaxy more closely (it's claimed to be our twin by the Spitzer Space Telescope team).  It's one of the brighter non-Messier galaxies, which goes without saying if I can image it from home.  I haven't tried to view it visually in the telescope but maybe I should.  I was pleasantly surprised at its brightness when I aimed the camera at it.  Companion and/or background galaxies can also be seen in the image below.

 Galaxy NGC 7331
(Click image to enlarge)


 Object Details:  
 Type:  Spiral Galaxy
 Constellation:  Pegasus
 Distance:  46 million light-years
 Diameter:  150,000 light-years

 Image Details:
 Date:  August 15, 2004
 Site:  Harahan, LA
 Exposure:  CCD, 10 x 5 min.
 Filters:  Orion SkyGlow LPR
 Processing:  MSB Astroart 3.0
 Telescope:  10" Meade LX200
 Reducer:  Meade, f/4.3
 CCD:  Starlight Express MX7C
 Autoguider:  S.T.A.R. 2000